Meet EMMA !

The initial need

While discussing with Venture Capital partners in Sweden, we realized two key information about their use of marketing.

1.    Even though building a proper marketing could lead to important costs, this area is not covered systematically during the due diligence process.

2.    Once the investment is done, marketing is managed by each company, even if they have similar profiles.

The challenge

Our main clients are B2B IT mature start-ups with two main objectives, one being to increase revenue within existing clients, the other to penetrate new markets.

Our main prescribers are venture capital firms who want to make sure the company they invest in produces the maximum value growth. We had our first three clients through two VC firms in Sweden.

The main challenges Canablava’s clients encounter is the insufficient volume & quality of the marketing generated leads. The reason of this struggle is the inability to track potential leads’ journey which makes the optimization of the different marketing channels and tools difficult to run.

This is a real business threat for them as studies show that 70% of the purchasing decision making process is done online and before meeting the sales person.

The origin of this pain point is not only due to an amazingly complex marketing technology landscape but also the conjunction of two drivers; a misalignment of business and marketing, and a lack of marketing unit structure.

The solution

We built with them a rational, blue-print based approach of marketing, in two steps.

1.    A fast, cost efficient and soon automated maturity online tool, to define what the cost of marketing would be for their target companies.

2.    A 6 to 9 months program to build the marketing foundations in their portfolio companies, constantly optimized by the key learning of the previous iterations.

The framework

Canablava’s offer is placed under an umbrella called EMMA for Early Marketing Maturity Accelerator.

EMMA is divided in three parts; EMMA Diagnostic checks the health of marketing and defines what needs to be done; EMMA Foundations builds a healthy marketing, and EMMA takeoff optimizes marketing in the long run.

The first part, called EMMA Diagnostic is a health check of our client marketing-to-sales funnel. It takes two to three weeks to perform.

The second part of our offer is called EMMA Foundations. It takes three to six months to execute and is aimed to build/rebuild/optimize the foundations of the marketing-to-sales funnel and perform a running-up of all marketing activities. EMMA Foundations’ goal is to build a solid marketing engine and to test drive it.

– We first align marketing objectives to the rest of the company’s objectives.
– We then align the different marketing channels by working on their interface
– We finally (re)build the marketing channels and run-up marketing activities.

The third part of our offer, called EMMA Accelerate covers two types of engagement. The first one is our ability to coordinate and project manage recurrent activities, like a regular marketing agency.
The second type of engagement is defined by one-off specific topics/project architecture & execution such as new market penetration, product launch, consulting to SaaS marketing model etc.