Combining the three key perspectives of successful marketing

Creating an optimal marketing-to-sales funnel requires a solid integration of processes, people, and platforms.

A good website is, of course, important, but so much more powerful in terms of lead generation when served by a strong architecture, an optimal team and a solid integration with other digital channels.

That’s why we look at marketing from an architectural, technical, and anthropological perspective.

Here’s a more detailed look at the scope we cover in these three key areas:


Lead profiling

Our blueprint focuses on the ability of marketing to deliver high quality qualified leads to sales & pre-sales. We do this by defining not just ‘who’ to reach, but also how to increase the lead’s maturity as quickly as possible. 

Lead maturity journey

Engage with the right segment of your audience at the right time and with the right message, whether through mass reach or account-based marketing.

Lead nurturing

Increase the maturity of your leads by establishing a cross-channel architecture, running full-funnel optimization to shorten the customer journey time and deliver good quality MQLs to your sales team.


Inbound marketing & website

We help you optimize your website, social media & adwords campaigns by assessing what we want our audience to know, feel and do.

Tracking & analytics

We ensure that the lead is tracked from the first point of contact, capturing all the information that will allow your sales team to close the deal.

Marketing automation

We optimize your scoring model, grading model and lead nurturing architecture. We also ensure full connection between the website, marketing automation and CRM system.



The Objective is to optimize the capacity of the team to achieve faster and better results through a shared vision. The Methodology is Peter Smith’s model of Alignment and Autonomy.


We focus on the capacity of team members to be committed and take initiatives towards the shared vision. The Methodology is Peter Smith’s model of Alignment and Autonomy.


We want to have a team that has a strong impact on the company’s business. The Methodology is Steven Covey’s ‘Circles’.

Did you know?

1 %

Percentage of decision making process of IT buyer before meeting the sales rep.

1 %

Percentage of B2B buyers conducting online research at some point in the buying process.


The average number of  sources B2B buyers will review in any buying situation.