We wake-up the growth power
of your marketing.

Canablava helps fast-growing B2B IT companies meet their business goals by reshaping and optimizing their marketing funnel.

We optimize marketing so it boosts your business

Lower your client cost acquisiton

Accelerate your sales cycle

Build a sustainable leads pipeline

We built EMMA, a proprietary blueprint designed for B2B IT companies

We sync business and marketing
One of the big challenges of digital marketing is its complexity. It often leads to the marketing unit working in a silo.
>> We reconnect marketing with the rest of the company. So that marketing becomes a profit center.
We build a solid marketing funnel
We want each module of your funnel to work in sync to increase the maturity of your target audience and speed up the sales cycle.
We focus first on the funnel's ability to track your audience's behavior from anonymous to client. Then we optimize each building bloc's efficiency. Target, engage, convert.
We test drive your marketing funnel
Your marketing funnel is like a car. You don't want to think of the engine, you want to focus on your destination.
So, once the marketing engine is built, we proof and test all the marketing activities, from social media campaigns to website map, from nurturing campaigns to re-marketing, we will test everything.
>> So you can to focus on one thing. Your message.
We hand it over to your team
The goal is to enable you to pilot the overall marketing internally.
But,we'll be happy to stick around for a while and help you optimize the funnel or work on specific projects or objectives.
Month 1
Month 2
Month 8

Introducing the three versions of EMMA (Early Marketing Maturity Accelerator)

EMMA Diagnostic


One to three weeks

Marketing contribution to business
Marketing organization healthcheck
Marketing funnel healthcheck
Marketing tools configuration healthcheck

EMMA Foundations

Price on scope

6 to 9 months

Full marketing diagnostic
Sync the Marketing Funnel with business objectives
Align the core message
Optimize digital channels configurations
Setup marketing routines
Optimize marketing unit organisation
Optimize marketing content
Run inboud marketing activities
Increase MQLs volume and quality
Sync marketing & pre-sales
Optimize events management

EMMA Accelerate

Price on scope

Post EMMA Foundations

Regular funnel check-up
Marketing funnel optimization
Account Based Marketing
Product launch
Market penetration

Some of our clients feedback

När jag började på Dapresy fann jag ett mycket välstrukturerat arbete som gav mig möjlighet att genast kliva in i min roll. Antoine/Canablava hade krattat manegen i alla dimensioner och det var bara för mig att ta över.

Charlotte Hulterstam
CMO, Dapresy

I want to thank Antoine for his great contribution in developing digital marketing as an important engine supporting our re-positioning and business growth during the past two years and recently driving the tieto.com renewal project.

Erk Johannisson
CMO, Tieto

Canablava really turbo charged the leads with digital marketing!

Rudy Nadilo
President North America, Dapresy

Canablava has been leading the optimisation of our communication strategy and tools to support the launch of our activities in Asia pacific over the last months.
We view Canablava as an efficient and proactive action-minded business partner eager to understand and anticipate our needs for existing and future projects.

Sebastien Bruyant
Manager, Alcora Global

Very fast understanding of our Silver economy market, effective listener, very creative and able to bring great ideas to explain our value proposal. Canablava helped us to decrease the complexity of our website and to get incoming calls from prospects.

Stephane Moriaud
Co-founder Predical

Canablava came on board to work with Sweden India Business Council's online identity. SIBC was looking to make big changes in a very short period of time. Antoine and his team were nothing short of amazing about the way in which they were able to meet the requirements, explain options and advise SIBC on which steps would best fit overall targets. In addition he is a great to work with - easygoing, very patient and readily accessible.

Arati Davies